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If a question gets asked, we will often post it here. Some don't get asked more than once, but we post some of those anyway.


*  Frequently Asked Questions  *


What if I am not happy with my order?


All items may be returned for any reason as long as they are sent back (postmarked) within 10 days of your receiving them.  In the event you change your mid about a purchase, the purchase price will be refunded, but shipping charges will not be refunded.  We stand behind everything we sell.  We do sometimes make mistakes, and in the event that a book was not in the condition we described, you may receive a full refund including all shipping costs.


I still have not received my book.  Whatís up with that?


We ship all orders promptly.  Delivery times vary depending on many factors, including the delivery method you selected, the distance the parcel must travel, seasonal variations in the mail volume of the post office.  Other things too, probably.


*  Sporadically Asked Questions  *



Will you buy my books from me?


Maybe, but not definitely.  We are always happy to review collections for sale.  Please email us if you have a collection to sell.





Whatís a Zephyrus?


Zephyrus was the ancient Greek god of the West Wind.  To this day, a zephyr is a warm (often westerly) breeze.  The bookstore is named after a happy  loyal and wonderful dog we had for 14 years.  The dog was named after the god.





Where else can I buy your books?



You may also buy most of our books through,,, and European buyers may see our books at Biblion and Zentrales Verzeichnis Antiquarischer BŁcher.




We also sell our books, individually and in lots on eBay, from time to time. If you would like to be notified of our auctions you may subscribe to our newsletter on this site, or visit eBay and add zephyrusbooks to your favorite sellers, and ask to be notified through eBayís saved favorites whenever I list items.







* Infrequently Asked Questions *










Why are the fonts and colors on your website so ugly?




Zephyrus Books stands behind the aesthetics of the website design. I donít think they are that bad, but we are stuck with them as it is what we originally had as a template and things just sort of grew from there.  




Are there specific foods you recommend I never eat while reading a book?




Buttered popcorn. Símores. Fondue, or any similar food involving open flames and hot, splattering oil.




I like that picture of the guy blowing. Is that your mascot? Is it Zephyrus?




Yes, it is Zephyrus (the god, not my old dog)









This Map is the source of the Wind Head images on this site. The twelve winds are of course interesting, and are here named, from the left and going clockwise, Zephirus, Chorus, Circius, Septentrio, Aquilo, Caecias, Subsolanus, Eurus, Euroauster, (Notus?), Austroafricus, and Africus Lips. I believe the map is by Sebastian Munster, circa 1560, but I am not sure. Other very similar maps are by to him, but there are slight differences in the plates. Plates were often shared or passed around and I am by no means an expert. In any event, it is a beautifully decorative and telling map, both because of and in addition to the Wind Heads. Sea monsters and Terra Incognita abound. The theorized Northwest Passage is hopefully shown starting somewhere in what is presently the northeastern US or southeastern Canada. Whether it is actually the Delaware, the St. Lawrence, or some other river I do not know. The Nile River is of course properly placed at its mouth, but the headwaters are way down in Southern Africa around Botswana or so.

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